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by - terça-feira, abril 26, 2022

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Hey guys, how are you?
When was the last time you exercised and felt comfortable? Without that worry of panties marking your clothes, or your bra not holding your breasts properly? Thinking about it, today I brought a post with a super tip for you, who already knows Cosmolle? A brand that values ​​our well being, and loves every part of us, making our moments unique with self care and love. The models that I will present to you are 3D printed, made by women for women.

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If there's something I value, it's comfort, for me, underwear sets need to be comfortable, while having support and being beautiful, and Cosmolle understands that, delivering unique, stylish pieces with perfect support. Something that pleased me even more are the sizes, going up to 3XL, with an elastic fabric and a shape that values, making the woman more sexy and beautiful. I really like to walk and exercise, and something that bothered me a lot was having my breasts in constant movement, something that with Cosmolle's bras changed, I feel safe to run and jump rope, having the support I wanted so much. In addition, bras and panties are quick-drying.
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Another thing that cannot be missing in my closet is high waist panties, and here you can find models as if they were a second skin, totally comfortable and without marking that look. The colors available are also beautiful, pleasing everyone. In addition to the models being varied, adapting to all types of body, you will feel unique. If you also want to feel comfortable at any time in your life, be sure to check it out and purchase, both for yourself and as a gift.

One more thing that deserves to be highlighted is that Cosmolle values ​​the environment, having sustainable products.

Put Cosmolle in your life too, do your exercises, work in comfort and keep in mind that the products are of high quality and have a unique durability. For information, visit the website.

Did you like it? already used? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear your opinion.

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  1. Amei a dica, amo tudo o que for confortável, essa fase se usar fio já se foi para mim ahaha