Body shapers so you don't worry!

by - sexta-feira, abril 14, 2023

Hey guys, how are you?
These days I went to an event, and I missed something to define my body, without making me uncomfortable. Mostly wearing dresses. So my tip today is Popilush, they have some types of shapewear, which leave us with great self-esteem, without feeling uncomfortable or afraid that people might be noticing, and of course, respecting real bodies.
So today, I decided to bring three tips for you to feel even more beautiful, comfortable and safe. Enjoy!

To begin with, we have the short sleeve thong bodysuit, you can wear it with dresses, shorts, skirts, pants, whatever you prefer. Being a great option for everyday life, especially for work, bringing safety and making you comfortable. It has short sleeve and long sleeve options, being able to compose any look.

Another wonderful option, for events, parties or dates, are the body shaping dresses, two pieces in one, leaving your body more defined, without having to worry about marks, and at the same time delivering a sophisticated and sexy look.

And of course, I couldn't stop talking about the lounge maxi dresses, it's something I love, and I always have it in my wardrobe, however, something that bothered me was the marks that my dresses left in evidence, what with the long dresses from Popilush, changed. It already comes with a model attached, bringing me more security, and making me abuse looks with dresses like this, without any insecurity.

Popilush's prices are another positive point, delivering quality at a fair price. In addition to having a varied option in sizes, something I value a lot. And of course, beautiful color options, for any event, day or night.

In addition to those mentioned above, there are many other models, ranging from sexier models to more casual ones. With necklines that flatter all body types. Don't let your clothes choose your look for you anymore, be bold, wear what you want, feeling beautiful and comfortable. And they still have the famous 'butt lift', and fabric that absorbs moisture.

Gift yourself with Popilush, or gift the women you love, Mother's Day is coming, so take advantage of this tip.

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