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by - quarta-feira, junho 08, 2022

Hey guys, how are you?

Next month, July, I have a wedding to attend, and I've been thinking about the best look for a while, I wanted something beautiful and inspiring, so why not get inspired by a book I like?

And the book chosen was The Selection, which will soon be adapted, and I can already imagine the wonderful dresses that the actresses will wear. However, I don't have that much money to invest in it, and I'm only going to wear the dress on this occasion, so I decided to bring you this post, who knows, maybe I'll inspire someone on the other side of the screen too!

The store chosen was Ballbellas, which in addition to cheap prom dresses, has beautiful models. Going on the inspiration of the cover of The Selection, I thought of the blue color, and this model below is perfect for that, the mermaid model values the body, but what won me the most was the possibility of customizing the size. In addition to being a great option for bridesmaids, because you can choose the color you want.

Now thinking about the second cover of this series, The Elite, red prom dresses would also be a great option for this moment, and this model below is exactly what America would wear, don't you think? I really liked this option, because in addition to using it at a wedding, it can be used at graduation, photo shoot, or any party that calls for a more tidy look, while still being beautiful and stylish. And you already noticed that the mermaid format is my favorite, right? And just like the model above, this one can also be customized in size and color.

Sorry guys, but I got carried away, they are wonderful dresses, and I want to show some for the third cover of the series too, The One. Since it's a wedding, I can't go in white, so how about this model below? A light yellow, in the mermaid model, with a more princess footprint, perfect, right?

Now I need your help, which of the three models do I choose? I confess that I wanted all three, you can call me for more weddings, inspiration is not lacking.

I hope you enjoyed this comparison with The Selection books, the first three volumes are my favorites, so it was a pleasure to make this post for you.

Oh, and don't forget to check out Ballbellas, on their website you'll find dresses for all occasions and styles.

Kisses, and have a great Wednesday <3
Tell me in the comments which dress you would choose...

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