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by - sexta-feira, setembro 23, 2022

Hey guys, how are you? How is your week? Looking forward to the weekend? Here I want to take the opportunity to catch up on some series, read and rest a little from this crazy routine.

Today I came to share with you some tips, I have a graduation to go to at the end of the year, and no dress was looking good on my body, I always ended up finding some flaw, but after what I'm going to show you, my body was perfect in the dress I chose, hope you like it <3

Tip number one is a butt lifting shapewear, with a tight grip fabric that won't budge, perfect for parties. Now a point that won me over was the issue of comfort, this is something we look for when we want to make our body even more beautiful, but without suffering, right?! In addition to having adjustable straps, it is easy to use when going to the bathroom, and can be used daily.

The second tip, is a high waist shaper panty, not only for special occasions, but for the work routine, college, day to day in general, I will leave photos of two models below for you, they are comfortable, adapting well to the body , not marking the clothes and still leaving the body with a beautiful shape. Some models can make you look taller and slimmer.

Now let's get to what really matters, results! It's not enough to promise, you have to fulfill it so I brought you the Shapewear before and after, then I'll tell you which one I chose to go to graduation.

Remembering that this doesn't just make you more beautiful and sexy, but it will help with posture, make you more confident and help you wear all the clothes in your wardrobe. Something I really appreciate is that the styler doesn't curl up when dancing, bending over or even walking. These have anti-rolling silicone strips on the edge, giving me confidence. In addition to elevating my butt, and supporting my breasts.
For moms, there are postpartum options, or even post-surgery.

The difference using the shaper is absurd, I chose the high waist shaping panties to wear with my black dress. I don't see the time.

Did you like it? already used? Tell me!

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